Frequently Asked Questions

The New Live Casino

Q: What was wrong with the old casino?
A: In Paddy Power Live Casino we aim to provide the best entertainment to our customers and with the new setting we will be able to do much more for our customers. That means more and bigger promotions, enhanced entertainment and more fun for you!

Q: I already have a Live Casino account that I registered with the old casino software. Do I have to open a new account?
A: No, you can use your existing username and password to log in to the new Live Casino site and games.

Q: I can’t find the same features, where can I find help?
A: We want you to have fun and understand our games (yes, that means that we’ll provide tutorials so you can learn the best strategies and take us to the cleaners on your lucky days) – you will be able to find these on the Blackjack, Roulette . Also it is good to remember that our dedicated Customer Service team is always only a click or phone call away to get your questions answered.

Q: Where is the casino located?
A: The new Live Casino is located in Latvia and it is being filmed 24/7 so you can join our tables anytime! Our dealers are friendly, professional and they are looking forward to meet you at our tables.

Q: How do I know that the game is fair?
A: At Paddy Power we pride ourselves to be fair to our customers. We operate a fully regulated casino and our new dealers and pit bosses are very rigorously trained to the highest Paddy Power Live Casino standards. All the gaming activity in our studio in Latvia is monitored and recorded 24/7.

Q: How do I talk to the dealers and pit bosses?
A: You can talk to our friendly dealers via the chat function. They are looking forward to meet and chat to you!

Q: What happens in the internet connection gets disconnected?
A: It depends which one of our games you were playing.

- If you played Roulette and Baccarat and you are disconnected after placing a bet, that bet will stand, the game will be played as normal and if your bet wins your winnings will be paid into your account. Your game history will allow you to see what the result of the game and your bet was.
- If you are playing Blackjack and Casino Hold’em and you are disconnected, please re-establish your internet connection and log back into the casino. You will be automatically directed to the non-live version of the game you were playing so you can finish the game round. Please note that only the cards that were on the table at the moment of disconnection are carried over to such a game round. In some cases the video stream may allow you to see dealer cards drawn or revealed after your disconnection. These cards are not carried over to the non-live game round. Once that round is finished you can return to Live Games as normal.

Q: Okay, I am more convinced now, but what do I do if there is a problem?
A: Just chill, we got this covered too. Our dealers and pit bosses are always happy to help you and you can reach them via the chat window and also the Customer Service team is only a click or a quick phone call away.

Q: How do I talk to the dealers and pit bosses?
A: You can talk to our friendly dealers via the chat function. They are looking forward to meet and chat to you!

Q: Will I be able to see my old account history in the new software?
A: Yes, if you go to My Account - Account History and search under Live Casino you can see your transactions on both the old casino and the new casino.

Q: Will there be any difference in how I deposit funds or withdraw bonuses?
A: Not at all, your current payment method will still be on your account and you can also use a Quick Deposit button whilst playing games so as not to interrupt your play.

Q: Can I play the same games online the new Paddy Power Live Casino?
Q: Yes, and you can now play 2 games of Roulette at once if you wish with Dual Roulette. Or why not try playing a Live Game and a side game at the same time.

Q: Can I still chat with other players and dealers on the new Paddy Power Live Casino?
A: Yes, you can still talk to your favourite dealers and croupiers.

Technical FAQs

Q: Is my computer fast enough to run the new Paddy Power Live casino?
A: We certainly hope so! All you need is a PC or laptop with and internet connection and make sure that your web browser is running the latest version of Flash!

Q: What is Flash?
A: Adobe Flash (formerly called "Macromedia Flash") is a multimedia and software platform used for authoring of vector graphics, animation, games and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) which can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player. Flash is frequently used to add streamed video or audio players, advertisement and interactive multimedia content to web pages. You can check to see if you have the most recent version here - if you don’t have the most recent version you may need to update to it to take advantage of all the features of Flash player.

Q: Will Live Casino work on Windows 8?
A: Yes it will – now that the Flash add-on to Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10 has been approved by Microsoft your gameplay will be unaffected if you are using Windows 8/IE10.

My Account FAQs

Q: Is it secure to use my credit card on the new Live Casino?
A: Yes, we use 128 bit SSL encryption provided by Thawte. This encrypts every piece of information you enter – not just your credit card details.

Q: Can I register more than one credit/debit card?
A: No. Unfortunately, for security reasons you can only use one payment card for the purposes of depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. If the card you have registered with us has since expired you can update this within the deposit and withdrawal screens. If you have been issued with a new card which has a new card number please contact Customer Support.

Q: What currencies can I play in?
A: You can currently play in British Pounds Sterling or Euros. You'll be asked to select which currency you'd prefer to use at the point of registration/download. You will not be able to change your betting currency once you have opened your account.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
A: We currently accept the following methods of payment Credit Cards: Visa, and MasterCard.
Debit Cards: Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Delta Switch, Solo and Laser.
Electronic Payments: Neteller, Moneybookers.

Q: What is the min/max deposit amount?
A: The minimum deposit amount is £5 (€5) or other currency equivalent.
The maximum deposit is £10,000 (€10,000) in one transaction - if you wish to deposit more than this, you will need to contact Customer Service. The maximum deposit level will also depend on the limits set by each customer in our player protection function.

Q: How do I deposit money?
A: To deposit money into your account, please launch the Casino and log in, then click on the 'Cashier' button to access your deposit page. Deposit from your existing payment method registered or select a payment type to register, and deposit from that.

Q: Can I change the payment card registered to my account?
A: Yes. If the card number you have registered with us has since changed, please contact Customer Support.

Q: My payment card has expired. What should I do?
A: Please contact Customer Support.

Q: How do I withdraw?
A: To withdraw any funds, please log into your account and then click on 'My Account' and 'withdrawal' and then complete all the relevant information requested.
When a withdrawal is requested via Visa credit card, Switch, Solo or Delta cards, the funds will be transferred back onto your card within 2-3 working days. Laser Card withdrawals will also take 2-3 working days. For non U.K. MasterCard's a cheque will be dispatched to your registered address within 2-3 working days.

Q: My personal details have changed. What should I do?
A: Please log into the casino and go to Personal info, click 'My Account' You are able to change your email address and telephone numbers within the 'Personal Details' page within 'My Account'. If you have moved house or changed your name, you will need to contact Customer Services.

Q: How do I set my deposit/stake limits?
A: You may set any combination of limits. Please note you can reduce your limits at any time with immediate effect. If you wish to increase your limits the changes will take place after 7 days. You can adjust your limits by logging into the Live Casino and go to My Account and then clicking 'Responsible Gaming' on the Menu.

Q: What is the min withdrawal?
A: The minimum withdrawal is £10 or currency equivalent or your remaining account balance.

Q: Are there charges for withdrawing funds?
A: There are no charges for withdrawing funds to debit and credit cards. Cheque request is also free of charge. Bank Transfers incur a minimal administration fee.

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